Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) who are Physician Organization (PO) members are welcome to join MIBAC. This includes PCPs serving the adult population – MDs and DOs who treat patients in an ambulatory setting.

Am I eligible to participate?

Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) s practicing in Michigan who are PGIP PO providers can participate in MIBAC.

Contact Us

[email protected] 313-693-5170

More effective care patterns

        Better outcomes for patients

Greater satisfaction for clinicians or patients

How does MIBAC plan to meet their goals?

Through collaboration amongst Chiropractors and PCPs within our state, we will be collecting Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data along side clinical and demographic data points – including referrals, medications, treatment techniques along with BMI, patient age, comorbidities – which will be analyzed to look for patterns. Our steering committee will review and discuss the analyzed data to highlight focus points. Additionally, there will be site visits for top performers, presentations at Collaborative Wide Meetings, and eventually opportunities for research and development of new program initiatives.

How does the training fit in?

The training offered by Spine Care Partners (SCP), incorporates evidence-based evaluation and treatment techniques. They utilize a biopsychosocial framework to teach practitioners how to communicate with patients more effectively. Most importantly, these principles will provide a baseline of common verbiage and background on back pain for different practitioner types.