The MIBAC Practitioner Training is Now Available!

PCPs serving the adult population who are PGIP PO members, BCBSM contracted Chiropractors, and APPs who did not take the training in 2021 are eligible for our free training module. From the “Training” dropdown, please select “Register for Training” if you are registering for the first time, or Log-In to training if you have already registered.

Training Updates

The MIBAC 2022 Practitioner Training is now available. Please select “Register for Training” if you have not yet registered, or “Log-in to Training” if you are resuming a previous session from 2022. Training is available to adult PCPs who are members of PGIP Physician Organizations, Chiropractors contracted with BCBSM, and APPs. It is only for individuals who did not take the training module in 2021. The requirement for PCPs is the 90-minute training module

The requirement for Chiropractors is the 100-minute training module, and there is a recommended 12-hour module for Chiropractors that will also satisfy the program requirement

About the MIBAC Practitioner Training

The training programs from Spine Care Partners have been used in a variety of settings, in several different states (i.e. New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island), and have consistently had high levels of participant satisfaction and strong evidence of success in defined measures of appropriate care patterns (e.g. use of imaging, rate of surgical referrals, etc.). This program has been successfully implemented through Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Upstate New York).


“Our family has been in chiropractic practice for over 95 years. We feel the MIBAC training reinforced current practices and protocols in our office. We also feel that it gave us additional training in management of acute low back pain cases. The aspect of opening up collaboration and referrals with other healthcare professionals is also a great plus. When individuals, groups, and offices work together for the good of the patient’s needs, favorable and cost-effective outcomes can certainly be achieved. We are proud to be a part of the MIBAC initiative.”

Sally Blossom, DC and Daniel Blossom, DC

“I went through the level 1 training and especially enjoyed the communication tips and the video for the back exam.  I have used these tools to help educate my patients, and my patients have been very receptive to my recommendations.”

Emmanuel Dizon, MD

“The MIBAC collaboration has helped our clinic build relationships with local primary care physicians to help properly co-manage spine pain patients in an efficient manner in terms of triage, diagnosis and appropriate treatment. .”



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