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Please view our PO resources posted here. Contact us at mibac.org with any questions!

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Cohort 1 POs participating in training for 2022

If you are a PO who committed to MIBAC in 2021, your PO and all of its adult PCPs and Chiropractors are considered COHORT 1. Thank you for your continued engagement and support of this collaborative!


Cohort 1 Lifecycle

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“I thought the training was excellent. It strongly reinforced what we already know - that conservative management of low back pain leads to better results, lower cost, and helps patients learn how to self-manage this often chronic recurring problem.”

David Parker, MD

“I am thrilled to be involved in MIBAC because it helps to align the values of excellent patient care with provider decision and reimbursement. It’s an opportunity for providers to control their own destiny by advocating for their patient’s interests.”

James Leonard, DC

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