Patient Eligibility has been Expanded!

Patient eligibility criteria now allows for enrollment of patients who have seen another provider (not yourself/not within your practice). Click the button below to view the expanded eligibility criteria.

FAQ for current or prospective program participants

I have seen this patient for back pain before, can I still enroll them?Yes, as long as the episode or flare started within the past 6 months and you have not seen that patient for treatment of their low back in the past 6 months.

Another clinician saw this patient, and sent them to me, are they eligible?Yes, as long as the episode or flare started within the past 6 months and you have not seen that patient for treatment of their low back in the past 6 months. On the clinical form, you will select the option indicating that you were not the patient's first contact provider for this episode.

My patient has been enrolled in MIBAC before. Does this mean they aren't eligible now?As long as the patient has not been seen by any healthcare provider for their back pain in the past six months, and this is a new episode or flare, you can re-enroll this patient.

My patient is not tech savvy and is unable to complete forms online. How can I capture their information?Paper copies of the forms can be kept at your office for patients in this scenario to fill out, then they are faxed to the Coordinating Center where someone from our team enters them into the MIBAC registry.

Someone mentioned chart reviews or audits, what is that and why is that being done?The important thing to remember is that participation in MIBAC QI means contributing data to a statewide registry. That does not mean that anyone else sees your PHI outside of the coordinating center  they don't! However, deidentified data is combined to analyze in aggregate, and for that information to be useful it must be validated.

For example, if in the future there is a measure based on providing exercise guidance to patients on the first visit. You are very detail-oriented and follow the instructions for how to document this. A colleague is less clear on the process, and her assistant programs the EMR to put on every note that an exercise program was provided. If this is not validated, your ability to be accurately compared to the average performance rate will be skewed, even if you are exceeding the true goal.

We are in no way questioning your integrity! We want your participation to be meaningful in the efforts to identify the key components for better outcomes for patients with back pain - so like all CQIs - chart reviews are a necessity.

I am seeing the eligible patient at 6:00 pm and won't have time to stay to complete the form. What do I do?You have two business days to complete the form and send it to the Coordinating Center (this will be via a link or fax).

I was told that I am eligible for value-based reimbursement, how do I tell if I am receiving it?VBR that is earned will not be identified specifically in the claim. Rather, the amount is used to adjust your per item reimbursement. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions.

How many patients do I enroll?As many as possible! The requirement to earn incentives/VBR is 10 patients per clinician per year. However, this is not a calendar year. For Chiropractors the year is from November 1st to October 31st of the following year. For PCPs, the year is from May 1st to April 30th of the following year.

I enrolled the patient but they are not showing up on the dashboard as complete. Why?Once you submit your enrollment information, either by fax or through the link, the Coordinating Center team enrolls your patient into PatientIQ. Then all of the information about completed patients is emailed to us and we load it into the dashboard and portal. Therefore, data may be delayed by 5-7 business days. Additionally, patients who are not eligible will not show up in the data. Please review the eligibility criteria. If you are not sure, email us at [email protected].

Does each patient have to complete a survey for the patient to "count" toward my 10 patient requirement?No. The expectation in a measurement year is that you enroll 10 patients and 5 of these patients must complete their baseline set of surveys.

How do I improve my patient survey response rate?Based on our experience, patients respond the best when the clinician asks for their participation and explains the "why". Additionally, capturing the baseline surveys in your office either on paper or on an iPad has shown to be a best-practice. We have a patient flyer that you can use for verbiage - see "clinician resources" in the menu bar for the most current copy of the document.

I am confused about what a question means, what do I do?Send us an email. Either use the link below, or email us directly at [email protected]. We can help. There are also resources in your provider portal that may answer your question.

My internet is down and I cannot submit the form in time. What do I do?Let us know! We can enter the information into the system for you as long as we can verify that the patient's note was electronically signed within 2 business days (in your electronical health record).

My relative is a clinician and wants to participate. How does he start?We are working on establishing an interest form online. At this moment, the best way is for him to email us at [email protected]. Please note that Chiropractor enrollment is available 1x/year only, with all documents due by November 1st annually.

Do I need to be in a Physician Organization to participate?Chiropractors may participate as long as they are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan participating providers.

Who sees my performance data?Only the coordinating center. Information shared with Blue Cross is "met" or "not met" when performance goals are set (not yet - in the future). Your information, including PHI, patient outcomes, etc., is only shared in aggregate.

I am a chiropractor. Do I need to do less imaging to participate in MIBAC?At this time, no. We are simply collecting data. Once we have enough data, we will look for correlations between what is done for the patient at the first visit and favorable outcomes. Then, we will look deeper into those scenarios and test them out. We just want to know what you are doing today, so we can learn and educate the medical community about what works the best and provides the best outcomes for our patients.


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MIBAC is a Collaborative of first-contact clinicians working together using a multi-disciplinary approach to evidence-based care for back pain statewide.

It is our belief that by evaluating practice patterns, following emerging research, communicating more effectively with our patients by following a biopsychosocial approach, and sharing our knowledge throughout our great state, we can accomplish our goals.

The goals of MIBAC are to achieve more effective care patterns, better outcomes for patients, and increased satisfaction for clinicians and patients.


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