What is PatientIQ?

PatientIQ is the fastest growing network for collaborating on clinical research and improving patient outcomes. MIBAC utilizes the PatientIQ platform to collect patient-reported outcomes (PROS) in a workflow optimized for the in-demand healthcare providers. This data is valuable to a collaborative such as MIBAC as it provides correlations between variables that will result in further investigation, collaborative discussions, research, and the determination of new best outcomes for the care of back pain.

Who can use the PatientIQ platform?

For the purposes of MIBAC patients, adult PCPs and Chiropractors may enroll in PatientIQ free of charge to the participant after completing the year one practitioner training.

What does the enrollment process involve for a practitioner?

Someone from PatientIQ will reach out to you with details on submitting a Business Associate Agreement (B.A.A.) between you / your practice’s legal entity and PatientIQ. Once you are enrolled, she will enroll you in a training session to teach you how to use the platform. Additionally, the Coordinating Center has an Educator and Data Analysts on our team to assist you as needed. All of the information that is entered into PatientIQ is available to the practitioner, along with helpful reports on patient progress.

What is the patient’s experience like?

Once your patient is identified as an acute low back pain patient, someone from your site will enroll the patient in the platform using their name, date of birth, and either email address or mobile phone number. They will then get surveys automatically sent to them at regular intervals. These surveys take less than 15 minutes for the patient to complete, and they are very user friendly.

How do I sign up?

Please return to the home page, click on the members tab, and submit the PatientIQ enrollment request form. Someone will reach out ot you within 10 business days to get the process started.

Where do I go for more information?

Visit their website, www.patientiq.io, for a demo and for more details on the platform.