Acute Back Pain is a Global Concern

When you think of serious, disabling health conditions, you probably don't think about back pain. However, back pain is a common condition that up to 80% of people in the U.S. will experience in their lifetime. In fact, it is the leading cause of disability globally.

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Information from the new, statewide registry for acute back pain will be analyzed for best-practices. The ultimate goals of MIBAC Quality Improvement are:

Since October 1, 2022, our dedicated clinicians have enrolled more than


patients with acute back pain.

More effective care patterns

Better outcomes for patients

Greater satisfication for clinicians & patients

Three Strategic Pillars of the Program

Quality Improvement

This facet of the program involves data collection, analysis, piloting promising practices, educating clinicians and patients, and incentivizing the utilization of evidence-based care.

Compelling Resources

Tools for clinicians and patients, ranging from workflows, after-visit summaries, patient-reported outcomes, and algorithms combined with resources to educate patients about low back pain will expand knowledge and lessen provider-burden.

Education & Training

 Starting in 2024, we will be rolling out a new and exciting option that involves custom-built interactive training modules - designed by subject-matter experts in multiple disciplines. The first set of modules will be introduced in May, and will be rolled out in June. 


Clinicians Participating in Quality Improvement

Physician Organizations Participating in Quality Improvement

Independent Chiropractors Participating in Quality Improvement

Testimonials from MIBAC participants:

“Our family has been in chiropractic practice for over 95 years. We feel the MIBAC training reinforced current practices and protocols in our office. We also feel that it gave us additional training in management of acute low back pain cases. The aspect of opening up collaboration and referrals with other healthcare professionals is also a great plus. When individuals, groups, and offices work together for the good of the patient’s needs, favorable and cost-effective outcomes can certainly be achieved. We are proud to be a part of the MIBAC initiative.”


Sally Blossom, DC, and Daniel Blossom, DC

“The MIBAC collaboration has helped our clinic build relationships with local primary care physicians to help properly co-manage spine pain patients in an efficient manner in terms of triage, diagnosis and appropriate treatment.”


“I went through the level 1 training and especially enjoyed the communication tips and the video for the back exam.  I have used these tools to help educate my patients, and my patients have been very receptive to my recommendations.”

Emmanuel Dizon, MD

MIBAC is funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM). Although they provide funding, the views and opinions of the collaborative do not express the views of BCBSM. We are grateful for their ongoing support.

We are starting a MIBAC Chiropractor Directory to let PCPs know which Chiropractors have taken MIBAC clinician training and/or are participating in MIBAC Quality Improvement. Click below to learn more.

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