Welcome Cohort 1 POs

This page contains useful information for all Cohort 1 POs (committed to MIBAC in 2021) who are also moving on to Quality Improvement in the first QI year (start dates between Oct 1, 2022 and March 1, 2023). If you are not moving on to Quality Improvement, but are focusing on training, please see the Cohort 1 PO Training page. Please let us know if you have a suggestion for possible materials.

For the success of the collaborative, and to be good stewards of our resources for sustainability and growth, we will be limiting the number of POs enrolled in year one. Some of the criteria for inclusion are: 2021 engagement in training, 2021 PO leader engagement with the CC regarding meetings and communications, geographic diversity (to collect data from a varied geographic spread versus having multiple in the same area), PO champion engagement in 2021, and the mixture of PCPs and Chiropractors within POs (involving POs with just PCPs and POs that have both PCPs and Chiros). Other factors such as a unique abstracting plan, coverage of multiple geographic areas, etc. will also be taken into consideration. Please watch for communications from the CC regarding the status for your PO.

The Goals of MIBAC:

More effective care patterns

Better outcomes for patients

Greater satisfaction for clinicians and patients

Through collaboration amongst practitioners throughout Michigan, we will change the lives of patients experiencing acute low back pain.

The Michigan Back